What's Standing Between Your Lab Instruments...
[brick wall image]...And Your Excel® Workbook?

What if your Excel® workbook could accept data directly - in real time - right from your laboratory instruments, without transcription, cut and paste, or any intermediate software? If you could direct where the data is to be placed automatically within your spreadsheet without having to highlight cells or otherwise manually channel the results to their proper cells during the test, would that save you some time from your busy day for more important things?

LAACO Serial I/O Add-in for Excel® integrates serial data input functions by adding a toolbar to your Microsoft Excel® workbook allowing data to flow seamlessly from your RS232 capable instrument directly into the range of cells you specify. It will even add a time and date stamp to each data set if you wish. The LAACO Serial I/O Add-in works with Excel 2000® and newer versions running on Windows 98® and newer versions.

You spend a lot of time designing Excel® worksheets that will do everything you need except capture data. Don't waste time cutting and pasting, or worse yet, re-keying your results.

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